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           If you Like Yoga and will LOVE            EcoYoga Adventures in Banff National Park!

Has your life gotten so busy that you have forgotten what it feels like to be relaxed & still?

Have you wanted to gather close friends together for a mountain retreat but don’t know where to go or how to create a rich experience for everyone that is active and includes yoga?


Eco Yoga: An outdoor spa treatment for the Soul.  It combines hiking, meditation and yoga in an inspiring mountain landscape so you can rediscover your mountain of calm.

With EcoYoga you get to revel in spectacular mountain scenery, explore secret hiking trails, cultivate a calm mind, and experience yoga on a quiet mountain top. 

During the year there are several programs to choose from: Guided Hikes, EcoYoga, Retreats, Bridal Parties, EcoYoga Spa and Custom Getaways

Whatever program you choose with EcoYoga Adventures, you will:

  • Experience stunning mountain scenery in SOLITUDE
  • Enjoy a yoga class with AMAZING mountain views 
  • Share RICH experiences with old and new friends
  • Remove the road dust of life and learn to REALLY see and hear yourself & nature
  • Learn the SECRETS to experiencing landscapes in a yogic way where ever you live

After 20 years of guiding people in these mountains I have seen first hand how powerful these mountains are;  my yoga hiking retreats have literally transformed lives of participants...they'll do the same for you, if you let them.   Join me and experience this magnificent landscape through the heart of a hiking yogi.

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“Most everyone knows of the beauty of the mountains surrounding Banff, but to experience this fantastic area with the benefit of Ronna’s knowledge and guidance brings it to a different level. Combining her passion for yoga and love of the great outdoors, Ronna has created an experience like no other. How many times in your life do you get to attend a yoga class on top of a mountain - It is the best yoga studio I have ever been to!"                                      ~Vivien Feddema, 2010              

Upcoming Events: 

  • Here are my Winter Retreat dates.  Feb. 21-23 & Mar. 14-16 Snowshoe Yoga.  Click here for details.  The February trip has a few spots left, if you have a couple friends ask about a group discount.  There is one spot left in March for a triple occupancy cabin.
  • I'm offering guided Interpretive walks in the summer so if you are interested in learning the stories behind the scenery click here.
  • If you are a bride to be and are looking for a fun bridal party that includes yoga and hiking check out EcoYoga for Brides.